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Hi (Name),
When I first hear about Bitcoin I did not understand at all what it was. My head was spinning around in circles thinking about why anyone would need anything other than cash to pay for things.
If you are like most people you waited to invest and kept waiting wanting to wait for the Bitcoin bubble to burst, but it never did!
You started to see, “Hey maybe this Bitcoin thing has some real truth to it, but I still don’t really understand it” Don’t worry you are not alone.
You are thinking, one Bitcoin right now is worth over $10000 US I have really missed my opportunity to make money on this thing, but you are wrong, this is just the beginning!
It really sounds crazy but many experts expect Bitcoins value to grow over $40K USD in value within the next few months, Want to hear something even crazier? There are other digital coins right now on the rise that are valued at less than $1 each that are growing 30% month after month.
The reason this is investment opportunity sounds too crazy to believe is that in some ways it is. There have been only a few times the modern world where valuations have risen at these exponential rates and you can’t be left behind.
The Bitcoin Breakthrough is your very own guide to the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you are a beginner or already investing we will teach you the ins and outs of the industry and leverage our experience and experts that have made millions in the space to help you make a digital fortune no matter your budget.
The Bitcoin Breakthrough is a systemized and easy approach to making money in the digital coin era
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We will explain to you why you are not too late to jump on the Bitcoin train but need to act fast to make the money you always dreamed of.
People around the world are waking up with thousands in their bank account overnight and are literally making money while they sleep!
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You always hear about that one guy, was at the right place at the right time and made the right investment and is living the life of luxury now at home. BUT have you ever asked yourself why that guy was not you?
There are actionable behind the scenes secrets you don’t know about yet but you have the opportunity to learn them, HERE and NOW!
Pay close attention what we will outline in this email because it could make your life a lot richer.
The truth is you are living in a time that the world has never see before. The Bitcoin era combined with other cryptocurrencies are growing at an electric rates that have never been seen in the financial markets. Thousands of dollars are being turned into hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands are being turned into millions…. Sometimes overnight!
If you are like I was, I just didn’t believe it. Making this kind of money in an unknown industry was just not possible, it was an urban legend! A myth you hear a friend of a friends talking about.
When we actually started investing we saw the proof, we made thousands overnight and our appetite didn’t stop there. We wanted more and we got more!
After months of research buying and selling, getting in and out of the Bitcoin craze we finally found the secrets.
Our systemized approach to educating you about the market and Bitcoin era is imperative to your financial success.
Everything will change for you when…
• Discover the secrets in buying and selling in the cryptocurrency market the experts won’t tell you.
• Learn the ins and out of the industry, what are the key pitfalls to avoid
• How do you protect your profits once you make them and how can you truly turn $100 into $1000 dollar in a blink of an eye.
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Its already begun…
Thousands across the work are popping up left and right in to the market and becoming richer than ever before. They are following a system, a system that has been tried and tested by experts to make you millions.
Celebrities all over the globe are talking about it, savvy investors like Mark Cuban talk about putting 25% of your portfolio into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. What do they know right now that you don’t?
The Bitcoin Breakthrough is not only making people money but is also educating thousands about a growing industry so they are in the know about the biggest financial opportunity in decades.
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Here’s the deal: millions up millions are starting to invest in the wave of Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencys and these same people have not looked back. Their returns are up almost double digits month after month.
Fortunately for you, you have not missed the boat but we do need to tell you, you need to act fast.
Our proven system will not only educate you on the market and teach you the ins and outs but also walk you through our systemized approach to making money regardless of your investment budget.
If you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) we are your answer! There a couple of things to consider…
Do you want to miss the boat to capitalize on a booming industry set to grow exponentially within the next month?
What about 5 years from now… do you want to look back and regret not learning about the Bitcoin craze when you had the chance?
How about your future? Do you really want to keep living the simple 9-5 or do you want to wake up richer than you ever thought possible?
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Title: Get Rich in 2018 – Cryptocurrencies


It’s still early in 2018 and the opportunity to make money is now!

The team here at Bitcoin Breakthrough is excited and you should be as well! With many cryptocurrencies pulling back at the start of the year there is a great opportunity to invest now.

I am sure you have heard all the stories of regular everyday people becoming millionaires on Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Cardano and other cryptocurrencies..

Now it’s your turn! Discover with The Bitcoin Breakthrough how you can turn a small investment into millions of dollars.

In the last year alone Ripple has grown by more than 30,000 %. That means if you invest $200 last year you would have $60,000!!!

If you don’t understand anything about Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies do not worry! We provide you with a step-by-step guide on understanding all things bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Need help opening an account? We can help you with that as well.

The opportunity is now!!

Discover how you can change your life this year! Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and the time to invest is now!

Get in now while prices are still low!

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Title: Banks & Large Corporations using Blockchain

Body:Ever heard of a company called IBM?

Of course you have! Well we are here to tell you that both IBM and UBS are investing in a project titled “ Batavia.” The project involves more than just these two giants. It also involves the Bank of Montreal, Estre Bank, Commerzbank and Ciaxbank all whom which to start using this new technology with real transactions this year. The combined Market value of those companies is over $300 Billion!!

These are very intelligent corporations that have thousands of analyst evaluating the best investment opportunities

And they have chosen to invest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

They believe that the technology has the potential to change the banking industry forever. Blockchain technology allows for almost immediate transfer of money worldwide.

Don’t understand what blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies are?

The revolutionary Bitcoin Breakthrough has got you covered! With our step-by-step guide you will be an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency in no time!

Interested in trading cryptocurrencies?

We have got you covered! Our Buying Guide to Cryptocurrency will educate you on where and how to open an account

Still not convinced?

Even American Express is investing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. AMEX has recently launched a blockchain payment system with Ripple.

Google and Goldman Sachs are also two of the most active investors when it comes to blockchain technology

The opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency is now! Do not miss out before its too late!